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badagas are kannadigas

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Now I am in Doha [] …i am new to this place…I would like to find our community people in Doha……..I proud to be a badaga, working with marriott intr…, good article…….. i am from manickal village in kundae seemae….. i came to know new things thanks for the information. That is, I was aware that Badagas were much more advanced in culture and civilization (should not misunderstand that hill people are of less culture; I am just trying to contrast two different things and hence nothing is inferior here) than normal tribal population. Three occasions, when this loud chanting takes place, come to mind immediately, It remained as a dialect because of the isolation in the hills. ஆலாணி திங்குவத ஆ ஆகி வரஷ மம்ம,நல்லானி கொ கொள்ளாந்து ஹேக பேட,ஆணீ ஹுட்டித மேலே பதில ஹெகினே பா மம்ம. Badagava makka huttu , Badegega Athu AAgha Beda79. HOnay - Will go, TO CHANGE MYSELF FOR THE BETTER. Collecting of vocabularies as much as possible is the utmost importance. Thank you very much for maintaining this wonderful website. But there is no script. This changed slowly and by 18th and 19th century it almost became 100%. Aandama ellade Haandi Beya, Ullama ellade Gulla Madi buddu maaruga sedhara, hennu buddu nattaga This is a serious matter and it is a socio-cultural shock for language enthusiast. Enter your email address to follow this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mit unserer Kollektion Paradise schenkst du dir ein bisschen Glückseligkeit für jeden Tag. All the Badagas in Punajanur trace their heritage to Ebbanad and Kookal villages in the Nilgiris, a few of them are from Kadanad and Kottanalli as well. Hadarettu (Eighteen) 19. All my wishes. Instead of finding excuses to destruct. 745,360 visitors so far! ( Log Out /  Here I am also taking the liberty of guessing that all along Badagas of the plains and that of the hills had marriage and other alliance’s going on continuously! Hanja theedhara(theegira) maathu niddara52. Bikini Top High Neck. May I hope that the Badagas will live up to your hopes, and thank you once again on behalf of the Badaga community – JP, This is my 1st visit to this site and you guys have proved badagas are really great ‘n rocking…and made each ‘n every badga feel proud..keep going.. its a fantastic job…good luck. Sandhe jaamana meiyu, saaku hoththu bandha nattan uhoga(The evening rain and the guest who had come with a hessian The unique and wild to keep them intact, Of course, the pity is that most of the present Badagas still do not sense the eroding phase of their mother tongue. Thalaiyamana The Badaga language has no script of its own, similar to other non-lettered languages spoken in the Nilgiris by other tribal groups such as the Todas, Kotas and Kurumbas. My mother never said that I was down ; never rejected me as poor! Hindi is the official and not the national language of the union. 2. Thank you. Except where otherwise noted, the contents of this website are copyrighted to ©Bellie Jayaprakash (owner of and 2006-2020. Give the strength to protect, The community is one that lives by simple, if strong rites and rituals and an even stronger support system. Hadanaaru (Sixteen) 17. Thodas [Badagas call them ‘Thodhama] call Badagas as ‘Maav’. கெட்டு முரிது நா கேரியோ குளிபனெயு, Of course I am just guessing and have no scientific or scholarly basis for my statement. It is very debatable. The exact translation for ‘love’ is a little tricky, it could be ‘gava’ [ more of a context for loving the children, elders , relatives etc. Aeye pyla moyae nodu73. Instead of simply sit back and pretend. Badagas Have almost turned tamilians now.they are more of tamilians in their ways as I encountered in my stay in Coimbatore. கெட்டு முரிது நா கேரியோ குளிபனெயு, Moovathu (Thirty) 40. In recent years Nilgiri born Badagas have been moving from their home land to other places, in record numbers. Aandama illade aandi … Nee a’ hattigha koodidhe? Thindhu santhosha aappadhuna, I have also heard about the marriage system. People of Nilgiris and Tamil Nadu govt. Avvaiya halladha nodile magava nodudhuga PROUD TO BE A BADAGA ! Once in a way, we get to hear a song which instantly registers both in mind and heart. But, eventually the Badaga population was not big at any point of time. Who will participate in our rituals if we are not part of this land? Kottage Huggi Naa Geria Baakoneyu, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Hakkilu Hoo [Bird Flower] found in the Nilgiri Hills, …their unique history, origin, culture, customs, rituals, language and lifestyle…. Instead of simply sit back and pretend. Said to be an ancient form of Canarese. Many a tribe has been engulfed by the surrounding environment. I just want to say hi to all badaga friens here. i am looking for the history of our community. And then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn't enjoy the present. So, in addition to mother tongue, with Tamil and English a Badaga can proceed his day to day affair without any major hurdle. Yellaga yenna nandri samarpanam madinae…I’m too sensitive in terms of community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, Designed, developed and maintained by Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash, Go here to know more about Badaga Funeral Rites, You can listen to this prayer [rendered by Wg Cdr JP] by clicking the play button below, visit Feel humbled but proud, Dedicated to my mother Mrs.Idyammal Bellie Gowder [1912-2011] who gave everything to me, A website that has more than 740,000 hits, All about the Badagas of the Blue Mountains, To listen to Badaga funeral prayer rendered by Wg Cdr JP go here [AUDIO] It is inevitable to learn Tamil and English in the present social scenario. TOPICS; FORUM; Home Sappodu saare, Haagottudoora 35. In addition to use more foreign words, few town dwellers switched over to Tamil in their home domain too. Here's a question that was posed to the Dalai Lama: "What thing about humanity surprises you the most?". Aravathu (Sixty) 70. Badaga community is wide spread in the villages of ooty.some historians argue that badagas are the natives of nilgiris, but many say that these people originated from the near by state karnataka.Now nilgiris has become the place for the whole badaga … We need to reinforce our origin with as much cultural evidence to reverse the misconception that we have migrated from Mysore. The simple fact that this site's motto of 'Proud to be a Badaga ; Proud to be an Indian' has become an accepted norm... You all, my dear friends, have made me bow my head in gratitude. Naakku (Four) 5. Arasana makkaga hurikallu muthu72. Kuradaga hagalu ena er uena (How does it matter whether it is day or night for a blind As I understand from here Badaga is very similar to Kannada. I am using that just to indicate a community’s distance from prevailing mainstream civilization aspects. Maneya nududhu mandhaga hadadheya77. This was then annexed to Tamilnadu by the British as a gratitude to tamils’ slavery for them. Pattu Beetha Batte Ekkoneyu, This website crossed the milestone of 100,000 visitors on 8-3-2010, 150,000 visitors on 20-4-2011, 200,000 visitors on 6-4-2012 , 250,000 on 22-1-2013, 300,000 hits on 6-1-2014, 350,000 on 6-1-15 and 400,000 on 13 -11-2015550000 hits on 1 Jan 2018. Started as a hobby but now an obsession. Tamil and … I AM BADUGA , RECENTLY I VISITED YOUR SITE AND KNOWN ABOUT MONTHS . Give me the heart to offer, I was a student of Rao Bahadur Bellie Gowder Board High School from 1951-1954. Even when I toiled as a Cooli with a bent back, Niri Kulidhu athamaga kulidhu avvu, niddhu athamaga niddhu avvu(Cry sitting with the one who cried sitting That is a lot of hits for a website [weblog] on BADAGA that is focused on a small community of the Blue Mountains - the Nilgiris, in the southern part of India. Do u have any websites or recommended books to learn Badaga language. I am clean bowled. Click the link below to translate this blog into the language of your choice: Read any Indian Newspaper. Since Badagas were a chain of people from the plains to the hills, once they joined with their relatives in Nilgiris, they did not have a reason for coming back again to the plains. பட்டு பீத்த பட்டே இக்கொனேயு, 2) There is no denying the fact that Badaga resembles halaya Kannada to a large extent. Give me the courage to dare, No other intention please) rather they seem to be as good a torch bearer of Hindu civilization as any other Indian community. Now the population of Badagas increased into many fold. Change ). “Naa ninna gava/priya maadinay” – more translations for this question are welcome – Wg Cdr JP. Thalaiyamana Recently visited your Badaga tradition and language blog. Ghanda thoorile, kandamanu thoorina [when the “Tekkana illada teru nadeya ; badakanillade bandi nadeya”, A chariot won’t move without its wheel; A cart won’t move without the driver Bellie Gowder. Badaga people speak the language called "Badugu." Hubbathalai village and the School have ‘changed’ but still remain the ‘same’. Hence, the four traditional communities of the Nilgiris, Todas, Kotas, Alu Kurumbas and Badagas retain their morphology and categorical distinctions, some very archaic features, which give them an overall grammatical homogeneity, according to her. (GCT,Madras Univ).,M.B.A (FMS, Delhi Univ), & Listen!] This website crossed the milestone of 100,000 visitors on 8-3-2010, 150,000 visitors on 20-4-2011, 200,000 visitors on 6-4-2012 , 250,000 on 22-1-2013, 300,000 hits on 6-1-2014, 350,000 on 6-1-15 and 400,000 on 13 -11-2015550000 hits on 1 Jan 2018. Also visit another website on Badaga Series,, Seemae [See'may] & Morae [Mo'ray] (relationship). I am not so convinced with the theory of “migration” into the hills by Badagas. No civilization goes into forest land. 4. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. கூனு புத்து நா கூலி கீவனேயு, beda75. chikkira, hari chikka66. kannava eda beda31. Adhista mooru p(b)aala, harakke aaru paala45. buddi bappane ghanda elle(Wisdom did not come when husband was alive, when wisdom came husband was not there)16. Did not blame me and did not reject me- her son, as bad. - Ninna hesaru aena ? Thanks for your commitment! Though ‘maav’ roughly means ‘uncle – mamma’, it could indicate some unknown meaning. Two points. Even when I sat down with my looks dulled and dirty, chikkira, hari chikka66. The origin of Badagas is YET TO BE properly identified. Thurston, Edgar, and Kadamki Rangachari (1909). This may have helped in two ways. Anna thammana agala maada beda76. Now only i came to know all months in badaga language…..Marvellous….. can u confirm if the dialects published in your website does exist, because being a badaga I felt that we do not have any dialect and our language is from Kanada please reply. ஒந்து அரியாந்து நுடிவிலெ, English Translation of the above poem by Bellie Jayaprakash, Even when I was down with poverty and sat at the front court yard, Why are Badaga community people against inter caste marriage? beda57. Do you feel very strongly about any issue concerning  Badaga Community? Please give your name and use a genuine email ID. Language shift and language loss are the world wide phenomena. kettara43. AALAANI thinguvatha aa aagi varasha mamma ,NALLANI go kollaandhu hega beda, ,AANI huttidha mele badhila hegine baa mamma . cloth[bag] covering will not go easily) 34. As majority of the Badagas live in hamlets where the sway of Badaga language is more or less intact. 1)During “Hethay Habba’ – both when from every village the devotees go to Hethay temples at Beragani and Peddhuva [as well as when the Hethay deity from Hethai Gudi is taken to ‘Madi Halla -river’ for change into new dress once a year].Also, and whenever a hatti temple deity is taken on procession during habbas in hattis], Badaga, the language of the larger population among the tribes of the Nilgiris served as a lingua franca since unknown period. KaaNay - Missing. With the small number of speakers the Badaga language survived for the last many centuries. Hello Sir, How are you ? Have you visited this website on Badagas? ஒந்து அரியாந்து நுடிவிலெ, English Translation of the above poem by Bellie Jayaprakash, Even when I was down with poverty and sat at the front court yard, அரய குளிது நா தனவ மெசுவொனெயு, Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash, the 'All-in-One' of this site. Über dieses Top JP adds – The origin of Badaga – both the people and language – is still a mystery and no conclusive proof has been given/ found so far.

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